Objectives of the Institute

The Institute has three interconnected missions. The first one includes the promotion of scientific knowledge through interdisciplinary research in urban and regional development, environmental policies and human resources management. Special emphasis is given to the European dimension of spatial development and environmental policies in a comparative perspective and to the multi level aspects of implementation process, especially in SE European and Balkan countries.

The second one is the productive exploitation of the scientific results by the provision of consultative support for Public Administration and Local Government Institutions concerning the formation and implementation of effective policies as well as by the supplying of expert advice for the executive staff in the public and private sector.

The third mission refers to the support of both under and posts graduate education and the external dissemination of the research activities. In particular, a great emphasis is given to the provision of specialised educational training courses in supporting the educational needs of the Department of Economic and Regional Development and the professional requirements of executive staff in the public and private sector. The institute focuses also to publication activities, to the establishment and maintenance of co-operation’s networks with academic institutions in Greece and in other countries and finally to the organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops for the actors involved in the urban and regional studies and policy fields.

The above missions contribute to the promotion of the knowledge in the national and European level, to the application and exploitation of the research results and finally to the educational support and training of the involved actors in the research fields of the Institute.