A book with title "Revisiting the Energy-Development Link" has been published in the SpringerBriefs in Economics series, by Bithas and Kalimeris.


The paper with title "Integration of ecological-biological thresholds in conservation decision making"  by Mavrommati, Bithas, Borsuk and Howarth has been accepted for publication in Conservation Biology.

The 2nd forum for the reduction in use of plastic bags will take place in Panteion University at 7th of July 2016 (9.30 am)

Report on the Adjustment of LULUCF methodology for a better accounting
of mitigation cultural practices of agro-ecosystem.

Publication in the scientific "Public Health" journal with title "Economic appraisal of the public control and prevention strategy against the 2010 West Nile Virus outbreak in Central Macedonia, Greece".